Oklahoma Adoptable Pets Service

Application for Adoption

(Please Print and Complete then mail or bring to Soggy Doggy

215 South Wilson, Vinita, OK 74301)

Pets and Families come with different personalities and life styles.
This application is to make sure we place the right pet with the right Family.


Pet Name: ID #:


Variety: Color: Adopt Fee:


Sex: Foster:

Applicant’s Home#: Cell#:

Where did you hear about OAPS?

Applicant’s Email:

Have you ever adopted from OAPS before? ____ When?

I would like to adopt this animal for (Please X the appropriate box)
___ Companion ___ a Gift ___ to Breed ___ a Watch Dog ___ For My Children ___ Other, explain: ________


Number of adults in household? _______ Please list ages: __________________________ Number of children in household? ________ Please list ages: __________________________

Who will care for this pet when you are out of town?________________________________________ Do you live in a: ____House ____Condo ____Apartment ____Mobile Home
Do you own or rent? ______ Deposit required? ______ If you rent, may we contact your landlord? ______

Landlord Name and phone number ____________________________________________________ How long at your address? _______ Do you have a fenced yard? ____ Type and Height? _______________

Do you own a pick-up truck? _____ If yes, will the pet ride in the back? ______

Do you own a swimming pool? _____ Is it secured? _____ Will the pet have access to it? _______

Average time this pet will be alone: __ 0-2 hours __3-4 hours __4-6 hours __7-8 hours __More than 8

During the day, I will keep the pet in the: __Garage __ House __Yard __Other _____________________

When left alone, I will keep my pet: __crated __free in house __staked outside __in the yard

During the night, the pet will sleep in the: __Garage __ House __Yard __Other ___________________

Are you aware that pets have maintenance costs and can be expensive to feed, groom, care for? ______

Beyond basic food and grooming, how much are you willing to spend for vet care and other expenses per year? _____$0-$50.00 _____$50-$150.00 ____ $150-$300.00 _____$300-$500.00 _____whatever it takes

Have you ever surrendered a pet to the shelter (pound)? ______ If yes please explain: _____________________________________________________________________________________


In as much as is practical, each prospective adoptive home will be visited by a OAPS member to evaluate its qualifications as an adoptive home and to do follow up visits.

Pet History - Please list your present/past pets, most recent first.

ALL Veterinarians used for the above listed animals: _______________________Phone#__________________ __________________________________________________________________Phone #_________________

Human Name records are under: ____________________________________________

REFERENCES: Please list two (2) Personal References (NOT RELATED OR YOUR VET) who are familiar with you and your relationship with animals.

Name:______________________________________________________ Phone:________________________

Name:______________________________________________________ Phone:________________________

My signature authorizes the veterinarians and personal references listed above to release any information requested by OAPS deemed necessary to process the application.

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ________________________


Please print the application, complete the information, sign it, scan and save as a .jpg or .pdf. Email the

Name? Cat/Dog?

Neutered/ Spayed?


Current Pet?

If not Current Pet:
What Happened and When?

completed application as an attachment to soggy_doggy_grooming@yahoo.com OR

Mail Application to: OAPS Rescue

  • 215 S Wilson
  • Vinita, OK 74301

We must have a signature to proceed.

For OAPS use:
Received by:_______________________________ Date:____________ Location:_______________________

Approved / NOT Approved By: ________________________________________ Date: _________________ Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 9/21/11

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